Understanding the difference between ERP, CRM and HRM

You might have heard of ERP, CRM and HRM and you might be wondering what they are and why everyone is excited about. To figure out if any of these software technologies will benefit your business. To help you figure this out here is a short overview of what each of these three software applications:


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) coordinates a smooth flow of information between various departments of an organization. The application collates information from all departments from Finance to manufacturing. It helps standardize business processes and structures information in a useful way. It will give you clear insight into the state of your company.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is mostly used to take care of more than just customer relations but it helps with sales processes. It gives companies a 360 degree vision of customers and allows them to make real-time decisions where CRM can increase profitability whilst it reduces costs.


Human Resource Management (HRM) is a software application that is designed to capture employee information ranging from contact information and skills, key performance indicators to remuneration and additional employee benefits. This application can help companies identify skill gaps and determine development plans.

Now that you know, you should find it easy to figure out which application your company will benefit the most from.

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